The Start of the 2023 Season

Here we go! Launching into season two of Lockhart Farmstand.

The hustle and bustle of spring was overwhelming with little reward. I was so busy moving mulch and creating space for hundreds of summer flowers that I never quite got around to planting a spring garden. Adding "spring flowers" to the growing to-do list for next year. If there's one thing I've learned while figuring out this flower farming thing it's that growing is full of trial and error, and lots and lots of grace. June, I'm ready for ya!

The summer plants are all on the cusp of blooming. Before July, we'll be exploding with new blooms and buds, but practicing patience in the meantime. We have so many fun new varieties this season. So many blues and light pinks and purples. I guess "Winter Jamie" was feeling the soft, whimsical, English cottage garden vibes on Pinterest. We're not mad about it. 

Looking forward to full & fluffy bouquets, filled to the brim with flowers grown right here on the farm!

🌻 Jamie


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